What is SEO?

SEO is a process by which we increase the traffic of our website, we can increase the organic ranking of our website in search engines.

” It is the process of getting traffic from the ‘free‘, ‘organic‘, ‘editorial‘ or ‘natural‘ search results on search engines.”

As we all know that there are many types of search engines in the world like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. There are all popular search engines. All these search engines have their own terms and we have to follow their rules and guidelines if the search engine has better ranking water, the most popular search engine for any website. If we do, then Google is the most famous and the guidelines that Google has are almost the same and there are almost more search engine guidelines too.

What is SERP and How its work?

Now whenever we do some search, the result that comes is also brought in two ways.

  1. Organic Results
  2. Inorganic Results

What is Organic and Inorganic Results?

Organic listing is free, that is, we can come to the top page of Google without paying any money.

We have to pay Google for Inorganic Listing.

Speaking in simple language, the organic results are those which means that the search results that are coming on that keyword and the websites which are in the top 10 are called organic and for that we do ourself onpage optimization and off page optimization or hire some agency to do that

As you would see 2 results at the top and 2 results at the bottom and sometimes Results also come in the side, it is called inorganic because these are paid results, for this we pay to Google, which is called PPC.

If we process properly and continue on page and off page optimization then results which come on behalf of keywords always Evergreen.But if some results are coming on behalf of paid ads it will not be evergreen means that if you have money then it will appear otherwise not so i always prefer for Organic Search results and people also should try for organic .

Why  SEO  is important ?

SEO is important in many aspects:

As we all know when people search anything on Google, the top 10 results in the search result means that only the first page is more preferred and nobody wants to go to the second page. 90% people search on the first page Come back and do some more searching


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