04th May 2020 Current Affairs

• The Election Commission has recently approved elections to the vacant seats for the assembly elections in the state of Maharashtra.

• Tarun Bajaj has assumed the charge of Economic Affairs Secretary for 4 years.

• NASA has chosen three designs of moon landers to be carried on the lunar surface. NASSA will launch a woman and a man on the moon by 2024.

• International Fire Day is observed worldwide on 4 May.

• The Portuguese government has announced the start of the Portugal Football League for the Football League from 30 May 2020.

• Discuss Througher player Sandeep Kumari has been banned for 4 years by NDTL for failing doping test.

• The US has recently included the country of India in the Primary Citizen list to improve the intellectual property system.

• Today is National Bird Day in America.

• Maharashtra is the first state government to announce free and cashless insurance to the people.

• 200 new mandis were added to the e-NAM platform from 7 states: Narendra Singh Tomar.

• CAIT announced the launch of www.bharatemarket.in, an e-commerce platform for retail traders.

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